Sunday, April 09, 2006

Starting out

So this is the blog thing that everyone keeps talking about. Haven't done this before so I make no promises as to deep thoughts and profound coments. Work is bad enought without having to make sense all the time. I work nights, which if anyone else has ever worked the "third shift" you know the people that drift over to the dark side have a bit of a skewed view of things.

Right now I am in the midst of planning a wedding, trying to further a career in medicine and remain the girl my fiancee fell in love with. No pressure though. Its hard to be the girly girl at 8am when I have spent the night in the bowels of a teaching hospital talking a resident through a trauma workup and avoided being vomited on at the same time. God I get so sick of them sometimes. I know they have to learn, but I think the nursing staff should get 1)hazard pay for the work they do and 2)a professorship for keeping the residents and students from killing the patients!

Fortunately, the fiancee works nights too...not in medicine though. He has to come to the hospital from time to time and I just hope he doesn't pass out. He loves the stories though. God knows I have enough of them. Not bitter enough to share them now... but one day I'm sure.

Til then, wear your seatbelts and for f*ck's sake don't drink and drive. I have enough job security as is.


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