Sunday, April 09, 2006

In the news... (don't get pissed now)

When I was little I never understood why my dad liked the news so much. Tom Brokaw seemed nice and all, the voice soothingly confidant, and he seemed to know everything. I have found these days that I am hooked on the news. It will give me an idea of how my night will go. If the breaking news is about a "horrible accident that has taken rush hour traffic to a standstill" then I know I have a FUBAR trauma patient is awaiting my arrival. I watch the news and see families that I talked to the night before, scenes that were only described to me and covered bodies of the folks that just never made it to my care.

What bugsme are the families of some of the patients that get on TV. Their family member was not minding his business... it was 3am, he was on a street corner SELLING DRUGS!!! I know this because I pulled the drugs from his butt, more money thant I make in a month from his pocket and a loaded weapon from down the front of his pants. There is nothing you can tell me that will make me think that he got anything than other than what he deserved. He was not mistaken for someone else and was obviously up to no good and someone just as bad caught him.

Tonight on the news I saw a similar situation. I woman was all pissed because she "won't even at home" when the Po-Lice (note the pronunciation here) came and rammed down her door and went in her house. Two words lady "SEARCH WARRANT!" I really don't think that the judge that issued the warrant was just doing so to persecute you. Maybe it had to do with your baby daddy and his friend packaging drugs and hoarding guns in there while your children sleep. My thoughts... keep your welfare sucking lazy butt quiet and maybe go get a job.

These are the folks that show up at the ER with doctor's office complaints, expect to be seen first and want to be seen for free. Their fronts, grill whatever those gold teeth are called cost more than my mortgage.

ok, ok, I know I have ranted on for a while, and I never made any statements that I would be politically correct but there you go. Like it or not... welcome to the 5th most dangerous city in the US.

Wear your seatbelt, don't drink and drive. Don't say I never told you.


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