Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gory story

OK, so I haven't been to work since I have started this blog, so have no new stories to tell. I have plenty of old or some reason these "war stories" tie all medical professionals together. We all have them... and from time to time (in appropriate company) share them. You must remember though, when you are at a diner with an early liquor license and a big group in scrubs comes in, you may not what to eavesdrop.

These conversations can be the raunchiest, most graphic that you will hear outside of that email forward of the guy who was skiing and split his groin in two. The reason is that we (as ER staff) have first hand experiences with those "scenes of graphic nature" that may keep your 6 year old up at night and make you want to tilt your head to the side and say "how the hell did they do that?"

For example... Saturdays are known for being pretty rough. Especially if it is warm or the first of the month. One Saturday morning about a month ago I was cleaning up the mess in the trauma room from the night before. Pretty much had been car wreck city with a few beat downs to go with. I got a phone call from my triage nurse telling me that I had an ambulance out on a stab wound to the head. No biggie.. it happens. Just enough to get over the hump to shift change. Then my medic comes in with a bit more information. Its a stab wound to the head alright... with the knife still embedded in the temple.

Well shit.... that ain't good.

So as the rumor circulated, I got mt folks together, had a game plan and was ready to roll when I heard the sirens pull in. Unfortunately every nurse in the department seemed to have a second to pop in and take a peek, so the squad had to fight a crowd of people just to get to the bed. Sure enough, young black male with a hunting knife square in his left temple. He was awake, crying (so much for being all big and bad. Have found that when these guys get shot, stabbed or otherwise maimed they cry like babies. Just don't tell their boys I said that!) and not too happy that the fire guys hadn't pulled the knife out. (*** NOTE If something is impaled in you or your loved one... don't pull it out! You can cause more damage that way***)

Many photos were taken and this poor soul, who was in a fight with baby's momma's new boyfriend, was taken to the CT scanner to see if 1)he did in fact have a brain and 2)if the offending knife had caused any damage to it. The answers came quickly.... YES and NO in that order. The knife was down in the sinus area (this boy is gonna need some serious advil sinus next cold season) and didn't seem to do much damage.

The last I heard of him, he was waiting on the OMFS (Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgeon) doc to come down and see him. What a way to end the day. Will try to get a picture and post.... but pictures of faces aren't really allowed.

So there you go... first gory story of many...I think I told this one over beer and eggs that morning. Sorry if I ruined your appetite. Have to work tonight... its warm and the natives are restless.... better get some sleep while I can.

Wear your seatbelt, don't drink and drive and don't smoke something that came out of someone else's ass!


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