Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ugh, work

Wasn't in the trauma room tonight. Probably a good thing since I pissed off the trauma Doc within the first 45 minutes of my shift. What can I say?? He just got here and he's acting like a dick? So I rolled my eyes at him and he got a little offended. Sorry dude, but its not my job to keep you happy. This is the doc that you really don't want taking care of you if you're in an accident. Lets call him Dr Rock just for shits and giggles. Dr Rock has issues with his skills and frequently compensates by talking loudly, making poor judgment calls and pretty much causing mayhem wherever he goes.

So, had a couple of nice patients, poor lady that burned herself with grease and an 18 year old with PID (pelvic inflammatory disease... STD's hmmm.... I think thats another entry). Had a girl at about 4am who got "beat down" by a guy she used to mess with. I'll bet the heroin (pronounced HER-ON) and cocaine really improved her disposition. She started out with the Lordy-Jesuses and proceeded to scream at any staff that walked by the room. I would have to say that she probably deserved it. In fact I would ventue to say that the bitch had it coming.

So, I made a Deal With the Devil. The department was short and needed staff for the next two nights, which happen to be my days off. They offered time and a half plus stay over bonus. Essentially I became the ER's bitch for the next two nights.

So to end the evening, I was driving in the jeep on the way home and managed to lose my parking pass. This state funded hospital has about 80% of patients that don't pay for services and I get charged $50 a month to park in the ghetto ass parking deck. Half the time its shut down so the patients can use it. (they do have their own deck). So driving along, driving along and WHOOSH parking pass blows out of the jeep in an area that this little girl ain't getting out in. My police officer is out looking for it as we speak.

ok, so going to bed so I can wake up and do it all again. UGH.

Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen. It beats burning the SHIT out of your feet when the pan catches fire.


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