Monday, June 16, 2008

Stupid drunks...again

I am NOT a computer person. When we upgraded the laptop all I wanted was to be able to shop and check my email. The folks who can take a simple blog and make it awesome with both content and style have my envy. I haven't blogrolled simply because I don't know how and the last time I tried very strange things happened. That being said... I decided that I was gonna try a little music on this thing. 2 hours later this is what we have. Like it Hate it Let me know... before I forget how to make it go away!!!

Things have been better. We remember our friends and colleagues but the show inevitably goes on. Flying at the "busy base" is just that, BUSY. I have to wake up at 3am to get out the door by 415. Traffic pending I get there at about 630. Just in time to get my stuff inside, grab a cup of coffee and start to get settled. Even then we may get a flight right off the bat and thus begins another day. The added bonus is that I have to go to bed BEFORE 9pm in order to get up at 3. We have flown either 3 or 4 times each day, but the flight times have been between 5 and 10 minutes.

It never ceases to amaze me what a drunk can do. We were sent on an "unknown" scene, landed in an elementary school soccer field to meet the ambulance. Drunk man was riding a bicycle, managed to gain enough speed to go flying through a plate-glass storefront. Now a long long time ago I mentioned these glass windows and how it would benefit one to go through backwards. Drunk dude doesn't keep up with his blogs, I guess. He went arms first through the window and managed to slice his ulnar artery. He proceeded to bleed like stink all over the back of the ambulance, the soccer field and the aircraft... all the way to the hospital. The tourniquet (a bp cuff inflated to 120) finally staunched the flow, but it started back up as soon as we dropped it below 100. Essentially a big fucking mess. I know he was enroute to the OR as I was having the aircraft stretcher powerwashed.

There were others... but nothing of note. We did land in a Home Depot parking lot with police everywhere for a stabbing... fun fun. That's why we don't deal drugs kiddos. I doubt a trauma dressing falls under the 101 uses for duct tape, but I could have used some! We also had the pleasure of buzzing a concert in progress. My apologies to Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean.... maybe they waved back.

Off today and tomorrow... but going to bed before sunset tomorrow so I can get up at the ass crack again! 6 more shifts up there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duct Tape totally equals trauma dressing!!

Just make sure you stick the tape to itself or towel off the area first.. it doesnt stick well (at all) to wet/blood..

Good luck!

Doc H
HM Fleet Marine Force, USN

8:08 AM  

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