Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Psychotic Twig

Part of the reason that I have been out of action here (other than the Penguin thing) is that I have a big birthday pending. I will hit 29, the sequel this summer. So with the cops help, we have joined a gym and have been trying to get in better shape. I decided to get a trainer for a little more motivation and direction. Some may say its too expensive, but I don't have a lavish lifestyle and this seems like something worth splurging on. So twice a week I meet with a 5'1 ball of energy who has a flower's name, but could probably kick the crap out of most people that I know.

I'm eating better, working out and have started doing yoga. This is not my first exposure to yoga. I have taken classes at the hospital and in the community and have loved it. So when the trainer said, lets do a class I was all about it. I left sore as shit in places you don't want to be sore, but otherwise ok. Another class with a different teacher.... same results. Sore, but happy. So I have talked it up now.... I have convinced the cop to come with me. "It is so relaxing and you feel so good afterwards!" (You ALL see where this is going)

We showed up last night to take class with someone I have never met before. Shes about 5'10, 90lbs and looks harmless. She knows that I have never taken her class and that the cop is a yoga virgin.... no big deal. Ummmm........ I don't know what kind of crack this bitch was on but damn! We were upside down, sideways and bent into pretzels within 5 minutes. This was waaaayyy more than I expected. At one point when we were upside down I caught the cops eye and apologized. He walked out and I was not far behind. We watched the rest of the class and that lady was INSANE. I saw postures that I last saw in 'The Exorcist' That scene where the girl goes backwards down the stairs on her hands?!?!?! Yup, Handstands, headstands you name it. There was NOTHING relaxing there!

I did check the class before we went and it should not have been so far over our heads. I think the cop and I are going back for the "gentle" class later this week. I think thats like yoga with training wheels.


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

You could say that "3rd time was the harm". I have friends into yoga and they have always said to start slowly and build up. The muscles have to be trained.

"29, the sequel". Thats funny :-)

4:31 PM  

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