Monday, November 10, 2008

The end??? Or the beginning?

Friday night I went in at 2300. I figured I'd do an easy 8 hour shift, run home, shower and then drive north for ACLS at noon the next day Funny how we nurses see an 8 hour shift as an easy, short day. The rest of the world works 8's and hates it. Hmmm... interesting. So we were busy as hell, I was walking the Green mile with a full zone including a prisoner with necrotic pancreatitis and a former nursing instructor who fell at a basketball game and took a BIG chunk out of her calf. As I got settled the clinical coordinator and attending in charge approached me (I had the code room) to let me know that there had been a balcony collapse downtown, they were calling an internal disaster and I need to clear out everyone I could.

The story goes there was a house party at the college downtown. Over 150 kids at the house and 40-50 out on this old ass balcony. I can do math and 1900's balcony + 40 kids at 120-250lbs each = BAD! Out of all the kids we got 21... 11 trauma alerts and 10 walking wounded. They were all a little drunk but nobody was badly injured. The 3 that I got were very sweet and easy. I felt bad for them. After 8 hours of sheer hell I called my ACLS instructor and told him that there was NO WAY I would be up there. Too damn tired.

I have also emailed my boss with the flight company. He has fucked up my timesheets twice, I am not getting shifts and to be honest, I'm getting pissed at the whole situation. How am I supposed to get better if I'm not flying on a regular basis? My mom made a good point... it may be better for me to make my own decision rather than let them make it for me. If they can't give me a decent answer I can walk away. There are other programs out there. It is not ideal, but I am willing to stick it out to really get what I want versus what they are willing to give me. It is bittersweet to be willing to leave and knowing when the right time to go is!


Blogger GingerJar said...

No matter how good you are...being a woman always will put you at a disadvantage...dare I say discrimination...because when the chips are down...the good ol' boys would much rather had *muscle* when they need it...

My opinion...for what's it's worth...


6:19 AM  
Blogger Stephanie, RN said...

ha! so true about the 8hr shift. i'm on a couple 7pm-3am and i was like, "yes! an 8 hour shift is so easy!" hehe, they do go by really fast though.

7:55 AM  

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