Saturday, September 27, 2008

Root Beer Float

Home laptop went to shit earlier this week. The cop can't get it to start except in "safe" mode. Dell is going to have some answering to do on this one. Computer is less than two years old!

Flying today. Have been out of service for weather and mechanical so its nice to be UP. I'm on a run of scene flights... WHOO-HOO so life is good. Did two scenes the last shift we flew. One motorcycle vs a tree. Nice vietnam vet who ran his harley off the road into a tree. Maybe rib fractures but otherwise ok. He was covered in scars from what was probably a major major burn some years ago. I asked if it happened in Vietnam and he said no. It happened a couple months after he got back. How sad. To be 18, make it outta there and have this life changing injury once you finally get home.

Second flight that day was an SUV that ran into the back of a trailer being pulled. I got the unrestrained passenger with sternal bruising, fractured ribs. fractured wrist and (on CT a small pneumo and liver lac). Went smoothly except I was not with my normal partner and the guy I was with doesn't play TEAM well. He's been doing this forever, why does he need to listen to a fuckin newbie flight nurse???

So today we were chillin in the ED when the Code Blue buzzer sounded. We had nothing else to do, so we went on up with the ED doc and ED nurse/medic. Old old OLD guy on a tele floor had aspirated and then gone into cardiac arrest. I figured I should have a shot at the tube and asked the ED doc if he cared. He said yes.... "as long as you don't pass the tube unless you see the cords." Hmmm..... thats the idea there buddy, and if I don't see it... we are going to do some tracheal manipulation and get it. My view was at best an airway with shaken up root beer all over it. Foamy, brown disgusting. A little suction and I got a great view of the cords. Tubed on the first try with no issues. Def an ego booster.

We were just recounting things back in the ER when we got punched for (another) scene. Lady was riding a 4-wheeler and rolled it backwards onto herself. Possibly some fractured ribs and a full dose of status dramaticus. We gave a bunch of "please shut up," aka Fentanyl and life got better. Still the night is young... maybe 2 scenes and a tube tonight!!!


Blogger battynurse said...

Good job on tubing the code patient. Love the "shut up" fentanyl.

3:24 AM  
Blogger GingerJar said...

If they could just leave all the drama out of it!!!!! Hope you find a whirly bird in your future! Nothing beats doing what you really love!

4:49 PM  

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