Sunday, January 21, 2007

Same Shit Different Year

So now that the new year is upon me I have picked back up doing overtime in the ER. As the cop has mentioned, the wedding is "4 months and change" away. How do people do those big elaborate affairs? I just don't know.

So I got to spend some quality time with my real peeps in the ER all last weekend (yes I am behind in catching up). I was back in Green last Saturday with one of the worst crews I could imagine. There are people who will bust their ass and help you and those who will stick to their 4 (or so) patients while you drown. We were busy as shit, there was no way around it, and the beating continued all night long. I walked in to a quadriplegic who fell out of her wheelchair (don't know why), broke her leg and was intubated and completely unresponsive. Did I mention she had a blood pressure of 70 and a highly, HIGHLY anxious family. I got to fight a hypoxic (low oxygen) mentally retarded gentleman who was built like a linebacker and we had no idea what was up with him either. He was much more fun when he too, was intubated. I have mentioned that I'm about 5 feet tall..... pretty strong, but not a big girl by any means. My charge nurse had about 300lbs on me, saw me fighting to keep this guy in the bed and said..."call me if you need anything." What the FUCK?!?!?!!?

Trauma was busy that night too.... the cracked one.... GSW to the chest that went INTO the left ventricle. Essentially lights out immediately.... I don't even know how he made it to the hospital at all. There was also a guy who was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher and left in the stairwell of an apartment building. Lots and lots of accidents.... at one point all 6 helicopters that serve our area were up to one scene or another. This is when I was called into the trauma room as backup. Fun times as usual.

Oh and must mention my Darwin Award Honorable Mention. A 54 year old guy falls off of a ladder and breaks some ribs. He is admitted to the hospital and stays a couple of days. Develops bronchitis while in the hospital. When the floor discharged him he was given prescriptions for 1. Pain Meds 2. Antibiotics and 3. Cough Syrup. He goes to our pharmacy to have his meds filled, gives them his 3 prescriptions, waits 'til his number is called and then picks up Bag O' Meds (about 16) from the pharmacist. (ok, I must interject.... I give them 3 they give me 16.... something is not adding up here) Our nominee thinks not much of it since all the bottles have his name on them and happily goes home. He takes the nighttime dose of ALL these meds.... which include several for high blood pressure, diabetes, a very strong laxative and a couple of psychiatric meds and then (SURPRISE) begins to feel sick.

He comes to the ER with his BITCH of a sister and tells us what he's done. The administration gets involved (because it is a HUGE error and liability). Turns out there was a 75 year old gentleman with the same name but different medical record number who was have his scripts filled as well and our hero got those (and took them) by mistake.

The sister was under the impression that we (the ER) or I (yes ME) was going to pay them back for the meds and the hospital stay. She actually demanded that the administrator write her a check on the spot. When I finally discharged our friend with his 3 prescriptions she threatened me and I had to call the campus police to physically remove her from the ER! The cop knows her and where she lives..... just in case she comes back to visit!

So its supposed to snow here today. I think the news said a "Wintery Mix." Sounds like an excuse to turn the fire up, make spiked hot chocolate and chill with the cop today. We are working our was through Season 3 of 'Sex and the City.' It took a while, but I think he's hooked now!!!


Blogger NYD said...

Getting ready for a wedding can so much of a hassle it makes you want to pack it in and split for Vegas to be married by Elvis.

What do you do when you do your best to help people and they don't appreciate it?
Hmmmm. Can think of a lot of nasty things, but uh, your man is a cop, you say?!? Better not give you any nasty ideas. Most of them are probably illegal.

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