Friday, December 08, 2006

Rambling on....

SO I have been completely remiss in my blogging lately. As my friend K has so tactfully pointed out... I probably couldn't find home without directions.... I just haven't been there much. So yes, I have been working a LOT! It seems that even my days off are busy as shit. Last Friday was the ER Christmas party. I spent most of the day shopping for shoes and trying to pick a shirt and tie for the cop. The party was fun. It is always interesting to go to a social event with the people you work with. This was black tie optional which was a challenge for some folks. There was (of course) an open bar and too many people who overindulged. There is a picture of one of the pedes nurses dancing on a table (yeah, it was that kind of party). At one point I realized that if there is a major disaster in Virginia, these are the people who will be there to save the day.... all of them on the dance floor to 'I Like Big Butts'.... scary as hell.

Its been sad at work lately. Had a 13 year old die in an ATV crash. She wasn't wearing a helmet. Family didn't want to donate... what a waste. I went to court for a drunk that I drew blood on. The bastard had the balls to plead 'Not Guilty.' I think his lawyer thought he would get off on a loophole or that I would screw up. I used to be scared when I testified in court, but have since realized that unless I get terminally stupid, my ass won't be the one who is going to jail. That takes some of the pressure off. Plus I know I followed procedure... all I have to do is explain that. So the guy was convicted (whoo-hoo score one for the good guys!). He got a $450 fine, 60 days in jail suspended, loss of license for a year and mandatory alcohol abuse program. The cop said that in the city they get a mandatory day in jail too.

I would really like to know how many of the accidents that we see (not just the trauma alert ones) are alcohol-related. I am just OVER the whole drunk driver thing. Its gotten ridiculous. I'm sure we all know someone who has gotten a DUI. ("Its no big deal anymore") GRRRRRRrrrrr.....

Had the trauma room last Sat night. Nothing big and major.... some drunk drivers (go figure) and a GSW to the leg. All in all a good night. Someone asked when the wedding was and I realized..... it was 6 months away! Holy Shit! I have soooo much to do!

Tonight I'm in the unit and all is calm on the western front. We have 5 empty beds and no prospects in the ER. Hell, last I checked they only had 3 patients! So I've done a bunch of Christmas shopping and catching up on emails and my trash websites.

Still haven't gotten a call from the flight peeps. Not sure how long to wait before I just say 'fuck it' and move on. Still is very frustrating. I'm sure Lurch has applied as well. He got an interview last time. I'm gonna be pissed if he gets one now and I don't!

So I looked at my profile views... its like 400! I remember when it was 2 (and I think I was one of them!!) Where have they all come from?!?!?! What the hell am I saying that is so interesting? Oh well, am grateful nonetheless.

Ok, so I have rambled on for a while. Its 4am and time to turn my patient! Fun Fun!!!


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