Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas is OVER!

My Christmas was fabulous, thank you very much. I had four days off leading up to and the day of, which in nursing is almost unheard of. I do have to work New Year's, but I think I'll be relatively safe in the ICU. The people in the city tend to shoot their guns off all night New Year's Eve. The problem is... what goes up must come down.

Things in the unit haven't changed much.. those poor pitiful souls I mentioned last post, yeah, the families only let one go. Thats it. The rest cling to some kind of existence between life and death with open eyes and no purposeful response. Fence post girl is doing ok.... after her second operation (the facial reconstruction) she started accumulating pus under her skin (orange, in case you wanted to know) and as it built up it would ooze out of the side of her head. Gross I know. Not exactly a 'holiday look.' She went to the OR two days after Christmas and as of last night was looking much better. The moral of the story kiddies is the same as it always is.... Don't Drink and Drive.

Not sure when I go back to the ER. Have to check out the schedule and email some time. I'm hoping to pick up at least 2 days a week for a while. Now that Christmas is over the whole family is switching to wedding planning mode. So far the airfare is paid for, half of the wedding package is paid for and the deposit is down on the B&B. I have to find a dress, figure out details of transportation the day of and all that other fun stuff. I just want to go out on jet-skis the morning of and people are raising hell. "What if you hit your face and have a black eye?" Well that will be a good story. We are going to do exactly what we want to do...... I think that will make us happy.


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