Thursday, December 14, 2006


Soo, Fed-Ex can kiss my ass. I ordered the cop an IPOD for Christmas (he knows... now, it was going to be a surprise). Nice, engraved, just what he wanted. So I've been tracking the package and 2 nights ago, at work in the ICU I pull up the handy-dandy website. Ummm.. yeah, it had been delivered to my front door at 10am that morning (1022 to be exact). The comment section stated that it (the 300 dollar IPOD) had been left on the porch.

Not to be bitchy, but there was no package on my porch when I left for work that night. Nor was there a delivery at 10-ish that morning... through a beautiful twist of fate, I was unable to sleep and was downstairs with Maddux. So I call Apple, speak to a 12 year old who assures me that the package in question was shipped, via Fed-Ex, and should be there. So I check on my patients..... give some drugs and get back on the phone to Fed-Ex. There I spoke to the most retarded woman in Memphis who pretty much read the tracking sheet word for word and didn't understand why I was so upset.

I finally gave up and called the cop. He had an idea what he was getting anyway and I was getting too upset to deal with this and be at work at the same time. I don't know who he called, but people started paying attention. He called again to the local Fed-Ex place, spoke to the manager and arranged to have the driver call when she was done today. So I drove on home, turn onto my street, kinda sad that he may not get his Christmas present. Let me mention that my address is 8513 ... street. I happened to look at 8413 as I drove past and there on the porch rail was a tiny package. NO FUCKING WAY was the driver that stupid. So I hopped out of the jeep, ran up to some strangers door and grabbed my cardboard shipping box. Let me also mention that the correct address was printed on the box in big letters TWICE! Grrrr......

So I hid the present with the rest... the cop is DYING to even look at it. Ummmm... no way Jose' after all the buildup... you're waiting for Christmas for this one. But then again, maybe I should throw him a bone... at least the fucking Christmas lights are up now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Fed Ex does this on purpose... only because it's the busiest time of the year for them. But then again everytime that I purchase something online and it's sent by a purolated service, I always get a bit mental... tracking the package twice a day.. until it gets to me.

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