Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Spent Sunday night down in the ER. These days I seem to be orienting all kinds of new people. Not sure what this is all about. So we have this lady who has asthma and is short of breath. The sheets are up to her chin and she looks like an overweight but perfectly well proportioned person... Until you pulled the sheets back. HOLY SHIT!!! Elaphantitis of the legs. Her legs were bigger around than both myself and the girl I was orienting, they had the texture of leather(like a new football) and had ulcers all over. GROSS! Can you imagine the smell??? Or do you just not want to? Ugh is all I have to say... and yes, I was in the stinky smelly Green ER.

We also had a man, dressed as a woman (drag queen, transvestite? not transsexual.... shit I get them all confused) who had a anal fistula. Someone piped up... "how did that happen?' Ummmmm.... welll, the bee and the bee meet and really like each other.

Another thing about the Er is that it can be a modified version of Springer... just without Springer. Very nice middle aged mother of 5 comes in thinking she was a UTI (urinary tract infection). We do a pelvic exam since that is part of the work up. Ummm.... no UTI. STD instead. We were a little perplexed until she said that her husband worked out of town a lot. She was very upset when we told her what it really was.

First of 3 in the ICU tonight. I'm hoping that thanksgiving up there isn't like in the ER. The gun and knife club has its first holiday meeting Thursday night and that never bodes well for us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire you for putting up with so much mental and physical agitations. There is no way that I could have assisted in treating an ulcer without leaving the room gagging.

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