Saturday, February 10, 2007

Am I a prude?

This is my night off and my friend K wants me to go out with the girls. I was thinking dinner, hang out, have a few cocktails and go on home. Ummm... they aren't even going out til 10. I have thought about this a lot lately. The last few years at the hospital have really made me grow up a lot.I don't really go out the way I used to. These days I'm just as happy to hang out at my house, read, catch up on TV from a year ago and drink wine. I used to be a big time goin' out and haven' a good time kind of girl. So not sure if I'm going out or staying in now.

I was supposed to be in the ICU last night. I was all set to stay all night. We had an extra nurse so they decided to send someone home. When this happens the charge nurse will look at the last people who went home and make the decision from there. I last went New Year's Eve. These people rarely work OT so they have to use their paid time off and some don't want to do that.
I work so much that I am always up for a night off. So when everyone else declined I said "Hell Yes" and got my shit ready to roll. Well, apparently they didn't give the 11pm lady the chance to say yes, so when she got to work she (naturally) pitched a fit that I was allowed to go. She even remembered that I went home New Year's and bitched about that too. Ok, I am so low on the totem pole that I never get in on the decision making process. She can be pissed, but it wasn't my doing.

Not much else going on... ICU is full, as usual. Got yelled at by a non-English speaking quadrapedic. His English is as good as a 2 year old's. "NO, NOW, I WANT, WATER" thats the extent of his words.

Nothing else profound..... the laptop sucks again.... so I have to hold the cord in place while I type. The cop wants to get a new one and shoot this one with the 12 gauge. I wonder if Myth Busters would be interested in that!


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

So not sure if I'm going out or staying in now

Okay, which one did you do?

When I was young, the partying didn't start until midnight. Now its over by 10pm.
I think your verification just swore at me in Chinese.

8:54 PM  
Blogger jeepgirl said...

Not only did it swear at you in Chinese, it was actually Chinese Pig-Latin. Good luck translating that!

11:20 PM  

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