Monday, February 12, 2007

The Big Storm...... coming.The weather guys keep telling us that. Around here you either get snow or now snow. The first threat of flurries and all of the yuppies hop in their SUV's and hit the stores. The milk, bread and eggs are off the shelves in about 30 minutes of the newscast.

Unfortunately, for the cop and I this makes little or no difference. We have to go to work and are expected to be there. My hospital will actually send volunteers out in trucks to pick us up, but there is no guarantee that we will get rides home. Its kind of a fucked up situation. I have every intention of hopping in the jeep with the big tires and just going about my business.

I did not end up going downtown Saturday night. K was supposed to call me back and never did. I must admit that I was relived, I wasn't feeling it anyway. The cop called at bout 2am that night (club closing time). Apparently there was a call for multiple shots fired both inside and outside of one of the clubs. Everything downtown is pretty close together, and while this was not the club we were going to, its about 2 blocks away. That would freak me out. I bet I could have gotten police escort outta there!

So, I stayed home and was glad to be there!!!


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