Saturday, March 31, 2007

Life ain't always Beautiful

I was in the ER last night. I showed up and wasn't even on the schedule but the CC wouldn't let me leave once I got there. Yes, they were desperate (as always). I ended up in charge in the Green ER with one ER nurse, 1 new nurse and 2 supplemental staff nurses. Lets just say it wasn't a stellar group that I was in charge of. Honestly, it was not a bad night.... until the end.

Everyone ends up at our hospital at some point. Someone I highly respect and value as a professional and a friend ended up with us last night. How do you handle that? He was not the patient, but the family of one. It was a bad situation... I had to call the cop and "decompress" after leaving. He is going out of town for a friend's bachelor party while I get a peaceful evening at home. I had planned on riding with the EMS supervisor in the city but after last night I think I just need a night off.


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