Sunday, March 11, 2007


The last night (Thursday) that I was in the ED there was something in the air. The moon was out, and you could just tell that things were not right. As I turned onto the highway a helicopter flew over. It was the State Police medical helicopter en route to the hospital (I could tell by the direction they were going). When I got to the trauma room there was an 18 year old high school senior intubated with a head bleed after a rollover. I seriously thought this kid was going to die. He looked like shit. His pupils kept getting really big and not reacting to light, and then they spontaneously would. We also found out that he had a BIG ol spleen lac that was actively bleeding.

I went in to the ICU last night and guess who was my pt? My kid from the trauma room. He is still tubed, but stable and doing much much better. He will go home and probably be no worse for the wear. The good thing??? While he probably was driving like an 18 year old, he was neither drunk or on drugs. Way to go buddy!

On the other hand, a sad case is in the unit now. 21 year old, related to a trooper was "just a little drunk" (that would be a .15 In our world thats low)He hit a tree with his face (wear your seatbelt kiddies!) and avulsed his eyelids and nose. Essentially his whole face was almost sheared off. He also had a head injury that we can't fix. He herniated (Brain death) as I was leaving.

It was a sad way to end the night.


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