Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good Weekend

I must say... a good weekend for me is unlike anyone else's. For all intents and purposes I should have been of this weekend. My last night in the ICU was Wednesday and I'm not back until this Wednesday. I worked in the ER this weekend instead of being off and I miss the hell outta that place. Was in the trauma room both nights. Stayed busy Saturday night.... lots of drunk accidents with the occasional nice person in the mix.

We actually had our crew fly into North Carolina to pick up the son of one of our nurses. I forget how lucky I am to live near such a good hospital. The hospital this nice guy went to was a bit sketchy. Did you know that ER doctors don't always have to be ER trained? They just have to be docs. In smaller communities it may be an internal medicine doctor who has minimal er experience. Scary, huh? This kid had the bare minimum done to keep him alive and the dr down there had to be told what interventions to do before he could fly him.

We had a good team all weekend, so I can't really bitch about the trauma room. It was great! Sunday night we had two kids come in, 3 and 6 years old, from an accident. I don't mind kids and trauma, maybe because I don't have any. I helped with the three year old who spoke Spanish and English. We talked about Dora the Explorer and I gave her stickers. What a cutie pie.

I mentioned a while back that I shocked a heart attack patient a few weeks ago. The same EMS crew brought us another fucking mess yesterday morning. This guy went down with chest pain in a hotel parking deck. He called 911 and they couldn't find him. (probably because he kept giving the hotel name and floor instead of saying that he was in the parking deck) So 90 minutes later, in 20 degree temps he is found and brought to us. I put an IV in his neck, we warmed him up and did his EKG which suggested his potassium was high. We worked on fixing that... and sent him for a CT of his chest.... which showed a big ass fucking aneurysm that was leaking into his lung and into the sac around his heart. When that thing blew it would be 'BAM' lights out and not a damn thing we could do about it.He made it to the OR, but not before the Cardiothorasic surgeon told him he had at least a 50% chance of dying on the table. In this situation those are good odds.

Off again today. Going to keep studying for the big test that I get to pay $300.00 for!!! Yeah!!! Maybe will head out to look for a dress again. We meet with my chaplain friend tonight to "discuss" wedding details. Wow, this is getting close!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your posts are scary...hope I have a nurse like you when I roll in on a cart, you sound like you know what you're doing.

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