Friday, November 14, 2008

The Trauma 'tern

At night our traumas are run by a third year trauma resident (PGY 3) and there is a fifth year that responds to the more severe cases. We are also blessed with an intern who is the bitch of trauma surgery for a rotation. This person can be headed into any area of surgery.. including general, plastics, oral-maxillo facial, ortho or neurosurgery. Regardless of their final destination they are a first year doctor... aka intern (or as we call them the 'tern). I don't take orders from the 'tern, nor do I take bullshit or attitude. Some are great and earn respect and (some) trust from the nurses, others should never be left alone with a patient.

The current 'tern is the latter. He is an ortho resident who seem to have issues with the female nurses. We have dealt with attitude, him physically pushing us out of the way and many rude comments (some of which have had a slight racial inclination). I have not been in the trauma room too much lately to have to deal with him and that has probably been a good thing. Not sure what the best and most appropriate way to deal with him is. Other nurses have addressed it with him personally and gotten brushed off. My thoughts are... I have been doing this since you were a freshman in undergrad and just because you survived med school I do not have to kiss your ass.

My last shift I actually crossed my fingers that we wouldn't get any traumas so I wouldn't have to deal with him. I just didn't want to go there. The one trauma we had, he tried to delegate to the Special Forces supervisor. (his job is to.... supervise the combat medics NOT do bitch work). When I pointed that out he rolled his eyes and ignored me. Its hard to be the "bigger person" when you want to beat the shit outta somebody!

Back tonight.... if I beat the 'tern to a bloody pulp I will post pictures!!!


Blogger Medic2RN said...

We have a saying where I come from - "I was here before you got here & I will be here after you are gone."

Just keep doing what you are doing and someday, it will all come back to him. You might not be there to see it happen, but as sure I know I'm breathing, it will.

Stay Safe.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Paradise Driver said...

I have this thing about "doctors". I refuse to call any of them by that term until I respect them. When required by social protocol, I refer to the individual by name and then add "M.D." after a brief pause. A degree does not dictate a title.

Just my 2 cents...

11:38 AM  
Blogger GingerJar said...

Darn...I was lurking around hoping for the promised pic's. LOL.

1:23 PM  

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