Tuesday, December 07, 2010


A long time ago... or at least it seems that way, I was in middle/high school and I LOVED the show ER. I loved the cool medical stuff they got to do and how things happened so quickly. I watched the show for a long time... or until whats-his-face got his arm cut off. I never really cared about the drama. I have the first season on DVD. Its an interesting thing to watch now. I look and see the reality behind the drama. Almost every patient or storyline rings true to something I have seen in some way, shape or form. I never thought I would be doing the things that, at one point, I only saw on tv. Maybe I'm a little more appreciative of my job these days. Some days still suck ass and management has a new trick up their sleeves regarding our schedules and how to make the nurses "more friendly." I had a coworker pull me aside the other day to tell me that I am an outstanding nurse (her words, not mine). That was a really great feeling.

That same night one of our RTs came in with an acute asthma attack. I have taken care of her before and know how sick she can get. I had her in the first room I saw, lined with mag and albuterol before the doc even walked in. She couldn't even talk, so I talked for her. Like I said, we have a history.... she was so appreciative. We kept her from getting tubed, but she did end up on Bipap in the ICU. At the same time I was pulled into another room to help give tPA to an acute stroke. Other than the charge nurse and myself, nobody in  green had worked in my ED longer than a year. That makes for a tense situation when we are busy and have 2 high acuity patients early in the shift.

We have unfortunately come to the time of year when it gets COLD. I mean really fucking cold around here. The first snow Friday night brought in the drunks and those who were unprepared for the weather. AKA: the homeless who were unable to get into the shelters in time. We had a run of "chest pain" and "suicidals" who by-the-way needed a place out of the cold for the night. We also have a new frequent flier... she is from the southern area of the state and came to us as a transfer about 2 months ago hen she hadn't been to dialysis in over a month. Since then she has been in and out of the hospital for a million different reasons. He family now refuses to take care of her, so she is essentially homeless. She has been staying in a local hotel on the hospital's dime with the promise that she will pay when her check comes. We all know that's gonna be the same day I start as forward for the Knicks. She has been kicked out of the hospital multiple times and has started the hippity hop around the city.

I guess if this was TV, someone would adopt her, or find her a place to live. In the real world.... who the hell knows. She will be back this week, I can promise that.


Blogger melo_sunshine90 said...

hi, my name is Melissa and i really enjoy reading your blog. even though i dont know some of the terms you use, it helps a lot, i aspire to get into nursing school soon at the University of Missouri in Columbia. i volunteer at a hospital here in Miami, FL. and i am enjoying it. thank you for updating your blog with your experiences, i hope to enjoy my own as a nurse soon!

6:45 PM  
Blogger battynurse said...

I remember the first homeless patient I cared for when I was a nurse. It broke my heart and I wanted so bad to fix it for him somehow. There are some things that simply can't be fixed though and you do the best you can. I see many homeless people now and it's always still sad. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how did this person get "there".

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Anonymous Red Cross CNA Training said...

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