Monday, January 17, 2011


This time of year is always interesting in the department. Last year it was the Swine Flu panic. We had a special waiting area for any flu suspects and we were all vaccinated for both regular flu and swine. This year I lined up for my flu shot as usual. (hell, 9 years flu free... I'm going to keep it up)  I don't know what the hell is hitting the department now, but its terrible.

The current plague that is hitting the staff is the GI bug from HELL. Seriously starts as a little abdominal pain and maybe some diarrhea then turns to full on puking, pooping nightmare. People get hit and then its on. We try to get a line in the staff and tank them full of saline and zofran before we send them home. The ones who can't go home (like my bestie, the doc) get an IV, long sleeved shirt and a bag of saline at the nurses station. When they aren't seeing patients they plug in. Its an absolute nightmare. Last night we had 2 of our Special Forces medics go down. Bless their hearts, they were hell bent that they were going to keep working until we had to lay down the law.

The coordinator actually has a list of who is currently sick and who has had it. I though this was a joke until I saw it with my own eyes... over 25 people currently out... no clue how many have been sick total. I have been lucky.... very very lucky. I have a little uri right now.... little cough, no voice but I feel fine. I have, however, stocked my house with the "necessities" just in case. (Gatorade, jello, saline, zofran, chicken soup)  Will continue to bathe in hand sanitizer after every patient contact and scald the first 3 layers of skin when I get home.

What amazes me is the people who are showing up via ems for this shit. Seriously, we are sicker than you are and we are still working. Hunker down at home, do what you have to do and life will get better after a couple of days. Too bad the ER didn't do some sort of group "Biggest Loser"... I think we'd have it, hands down!


Blogger Nurse J said...

ouch! good luck!!

1:03 AM  
Blogger battynurse said...

Yuck. I hope you continue to avoid it. I sort of live in dread of any sort of puking sickness.
Flu I can handle although I'd rather not. Seems like some years I get the flu even with the shot. Of course last year I got swine flu long before the damn vaccine came out.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Best of Luck Luck jeep Girl, I hope you remain healthy as you are from last 9 years.

7:34 AM  

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