Friday, December 31, 2010


It has been bad lately. Really really bad. One of the headlines in today's newspaper is that traffic fatalities are at an all-time low this year. From where I stand, its very difficult to see that. We have had multiple fatality accidents in the last 3 days.... and I'm sure tonight will be its usual nightmare. We have also seen a HUGE increase in house fires. One of the Docs said last night "'tis the season." Actually, no. It doesn't have to be the season. People are not having smoke detectors, not using them or just plain being stupid. The burn ICU is filling as fast as it can be emptied. By emptied I mean ANOTHER burn patient has died. I can count.... 6 fatalities in less than a week. I can't even remember how many fires. Its old, painful and emotionally taxing on us all. 

I have been slack at posting recently but will try to do better. I am not in charge tonight... THANK GOD. But we will have to see what happens. Am working on New Year's resolutions. Running the 10K is one, taking more time for myself another. I would try to give up the Dt Mt Dew, but how's a girl supposed to survive???


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