Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Time.  Where the hell has it gone? Over two years since my last post and assurances that I would keep up with this.... Project? Disaster? Mental dump of all the things I've wanted to say but am not able to.  

In the intrest of full disclosure (within reason) all of the anger and frustration isn't conveyed to the staff and patients unless they really have it coming. Still not above telling an arrogant surgical resident to FUCK OFF, before blessing his heart of course.

The years have been entertaining to say the least.  Husband (the medic) is gone. BYE FELICIA. Something about babies with multiple other women.  Oh well.  Onward and upward.  Maddox crossed the bridge about a year ago.  Sail on my sweet friend.  I've been promoted to Captain of this Titanic called the ED.  As a night shift supervisor I get to deal with the entitled humanity (staff) as well as the patients and their various complaints.

It's an eye opener.  The inner workings of an urban trauma center, layed out like a clamshell patient who has just been pronounced.   Messy, surreal and just a bit fascinating.  So here's to documenting the next step in the career.  Night shift as told from a salty trauma nurse who is now the big queso.  More to come!


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