Saturday, April 15, 2006

Good Friday (my ass!)

Finally made it back into the trauma room last night. I figured that Friday night, its been warm around here.. we're gonna have gun shot central. Nope... leave it to the southeners to play bumper cars in the rain. (you might be a redneck if...) So...I think we had 10-12 traumas last night. Honestly, I lost count. Fortunately the trauma chief and the ed attending had a couple of brain cells to spare and the kept 'Dr Rock' from killing anyone.

So the one weird case of the night was pretty sad. Had a 21 year old Air Force guy going jet-skiing on his Easter weekend off. I don't know what happened, but he ended up mangling his leg on something. When the helicopter landed he was this awful yellow/gray that tells us that he is cold as shit and probably has lost a ton of blood. His leg was awful. I told 'Dr Rock' that he was why we study anatomy. In order to look at this poor guy and figure out what stuff was, and where it was supposed to go. The bone was broken in about 5 different places and almost completely ripped off. He ended up being intubated, getting some emeregncy blood and having to go to the OR. I was in the ICU later last night and they actually had to amputate his leg. Like I said, this kid is only 21. It breaks your heart.

On the flip side, Thursday night we got a self-inflicted stab wound to the left chest. We got all ready for bad juju and were set to get this fool to the OR if necessary. Turns out I knew this guy! (not socially) This is the 4th time this asshole has tried this. I recognized him by the pot leaf tatoo that he always aims for. He has never done any serious damage, and is always a big old waste of time. What an asshole! The last time he tried this I told him that he just needed to jump off the 895 bridge. It would be more effective. Not the most professional thing to say, but chalk it up as patient education.

Oh, one more thing. Had a lady get struck head on by a car going the wrong way on the highway (speed about 100mph). He car caught on fire. While the coward that caused this ran away a police officer came across the scene, cut her seatbelt and pulled her out of the burning car. Now thats what I call heroic.

So stupid patient award of the night goes to: drunk college student who punched the medic that picked him up. You're the proud winner of a trip to lockup and maybe being someone's bitch. Either way you'll have one hell of a hangover!

Don't punch the medics. They hit back.


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