Sunday, September 10, 2006

Big Mammas ICU

Another night in neuro. Let me tell haven't lived 'til you have a 350lb woman pissed at you. It didn't help that she was confused and trying to swing at me. Good thing the bitch was tied down! I went to brush her teeth and she tried to spit on me!!! At least in the ER when they try that shit we can be mean to them... put a mask on her and drug her up. My preceptor said "awwww.... isn't she cute?"

Ummmm.... puppies and kittens are cute. Some babies are cute, but a big fat black woman who screams like Scarlett's mammy in 'Gone With the Wind' is definitely not cute! She actually said to me..... 'getonupouttamyface 'foreIhaftahurtyougurl!' go ahead and decipher that.... I can't help it... thats exactly what she said.

My gsw from the other night is now on a breathing machine. He was awake... but just waiting to be strong enough to get off of the ventilator. He is definitely paralyzed from the chest down. He was able to squeeze my hand... and he knew I was there. His mom gave me a hug when she saw me.

Back for the next 2 nights in the ICU... gonna get some sleep!


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