Saturday, September 02, 2006


Not sure if I'm loving this ICU situation. The patients are interesting but I'm sort of over the 'dump the urine and re-orient every 2 hours' routine. I know it will get better when I get sicker patients, but for now I feel like I'm just babysitting at a higher rate. It also hasn't helped that I haven't really been sleeping. Yesterday I was tossing and turning, worried that Ernesto was going to take down the tree in the front yard or flood the creek next to the house. The cop was driving home in the middle of it and that didn't help either.

He's home things feel like they are slowly getting back to normal. Not much else to add. Had a patient last night tell me that the reason that I wouldn't untie his arms and let him walk upstairs to see his mom and dad was because I was white. (and you had brain surgery yesterday) We also have a 13 year old who was shot by her boyfriend and is now paralyzed and a couple of my 'drunk, high no seatbelt wearing' folks that are now what we call "turn/suction/tube feed" essentially the larger variety of a houseplant. Before I get much farther on that subject let me just say.... my family and I have talked and they know do not EVER...EVER keep me on machines and just let me linger. That is the cruelest, most selfish form of torture I can think of.


Anonymous izzy said...

you've got stomach girl.. I wouldn't be able to toss anyone's pee, insert feeding tubes or any of that kind of stuff.

Take gravol... makes you drowzy and helps you sleep. I find it helps me once in a while.

11:21 PM  
Blogger wil said...

I feel the same way about keeping a person as part of the vegtable garden.

I had to make that decision for my Dad back in 1988. As hard as it was for me, it was still the best for him.

My kids and friends know to pull the plug on me...

... or I'll haunt them the rest of their life. hahaha.

2:15 PM  

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