Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Turn /Suction /Tube Feed

Yes, the ICU is a bit different. I have to commend the staff up there, they have the patience of saints.

I'll give you the run down of my night....

1900: Meet in the staff report room. Here we get a brief report on all 14 patients in the department at the time. There we choose up patients and usually drink coffee.

1930: Get individual report from the offgoing RN that had out patients the previous shift

1930-2000: Initial assessment of our patients neuro checks. Give meds if they are ordered. Turn the gorked-out ones, suction them, check tube feeds. Dump urine.

2100: Chart (if you haven't already done that)

2200: Turn, suction tube feed. Dump urine. Give meds if they are ordered.


0000: Turn, suction, tube feed. Meds, dump that urine. Neuro assessment

0100: Chart. Bathe the gorked out ones.

0200: Turn suction tube feed. Urine, meds. (are we detecting a pattern here?) Draw Labs.

0300: ZZZZZzzzzz God I'm bored

0400: I think you know the drill now!!! Don't forget the urine!

0500: Write the NOTE (focused note about what happened during the shift)

0600: T/S/TF. Urine, meds. Fluff and puff. Make 'em pretty for days.

0700: Report to oncoming shift after they get group report and drink their coffee. Usually out by 0800.

I must say, last night I looked out the window at the skyline listening to my confused patient yell that I needed to untie her and her IV pump beeping for the millionth time. I wondered if I want to be a flight nurse badly enough to put up with this bullshit. Ugh.... yes, I do. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.


Blogger Joann said...

They need you. Just remember that you are important to these people-- even if you might not hear it.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous izzy said...

goodness... do people pee that much during the night?

7:19 PM  
Blogger shayla said...

Sounds, in a way, like my days as a CNA. Turn, change, turn, change, feed, turn, change, turn, change, chart.

Though the ICU's a bit more crucial & detailed.

You're a rare one, keep it up, you're more appreciated than you realize.


9:58 PM  

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