Sunday, August 13, 2006

Can you shit in a second?

This was the question posed to me by a psychotic middle aged woman the other night. She was tied down after chasing one of the techs with a shoe and wanted to walk to the bathroom. No was in hell was I going to untie this bitch. I told her that she could use the bedpan and it would only take a second. Thats when she screamed "can you shit in a second?" The rest of the patients laughed loudly, and I tried to keep a straight face.

I don't know why I attract this kind of psych patient, but they seem to gravitate to me. It didn't help that I was STILL tired and not sleeping more that 4 hours at a time. I walked in with my bullshit-o-meter already in the red and was not in the mood to deal with people. There is a nurse that we are all soooo very tired of. She weighs almost 400lbs, speaks with a New Jersey accent and has poor grammar. However, she isn't dumb, she has her masters and is a NP (nurse practitioner). She practices as a staff nurse, but none of us know why. The er is fast-paced and almost always busy and she just doesn't keep up. It gets so frustrating to have to pick up her slack. I have never seen her take care of a sick as shit patient, she doesn't do CPR and I have never seen her help move a patient off of a stretcher. (essentially any of the physically demanding parts of this job) I talked to K about all this at the pool today and she agrees. This gal can't do the freaking work.... not sure what we can do about it though.

Off for the weekend for a change, however the cop is working. Our schedule is ass backwards for the next week and a half. I hate that. We always seem to pick at each other when we are on reverse schedules.

Don't have too many good stories to share.... maybe its the chlorine but I need a nap.


Blogger Joann said...

How about an anoymous note? Would "they" no it was you?

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Micu_angel said...

I can identify with the whole co-worker who can't do the work idea. I just had one of those. Also, I think I read somewhere ( or heard it?) That during a CPR course someone had to put the dummy on a table and pull up a chair for an overweight RN who couldn't get down on the floor like everyone else...Now thats all fine and dandy for class..but what if her patient falls on the floor in a cardiac arrest? What's she gonna do, wait until someone comes and puts them on a table for her and pulls up an extra wide chair so she can start her life saving manuevers?? Interesting.

11:29 AM  

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