Sunday, August 27, 2006

Moving on...

My last full time night in the ED was last Wednesday. I wriggled my way out of Thursday night... they had staff and I just wasn't feeling like being there. Have been off since then. The educator from the ICU called me on Friday to remind me that my first day will be Wednesday, not Monday. So have been off for 4 days now with nothing at all to do. The cop and I did the grocery shopping/running around town thing on Friday....after we locked ourselves out of the house. Now I LOVE heights, and would have been perfectly happy to climb in the second story window (it was unlocked). There was something pretty damn funny about watching the cop do that.

So he is off to the mountains for the week for some regional gang investigations school. He's actually staying up where my old college is. So I get the house to myself all week. The plan was to clean up these first few days off but have been feeling to BLAAHHHH to do that.

The image above is of an intracranial bleed..... welcome to my new world. I know its not going to be the same as the ED. But its s hoop that must be jumped if I want to be a flight nurse. I'm lucky I got into the best ICU in the hospital. All of my interactions with the staff has been so positive and they all seem very happy with things on the unit. NOT something I could say about the ED. I will still be down there at least 12 hours a week to get my fill of trauma, drama, punks and drunks.

I do have some good news though.... have made a concrete decision about the wedding and booked airfare. Actually, was looking online (as I always do) and found flights to one of the places I was looking for half of what I expected to pay. I had my wedding savings available and booked it. So the decision is made. On the beach in the Keys next spring. At that price my mom may even be able to go.


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