Monday, August 07, 2006


Finally back home. Much more relaxed now. Didn't tailgate the way we had planned in the parking lot. Mom got lost (no big surprise) and showed up at 630. Otherwise it was just too damn hot to drink anything other that the water and gatorade. We ended up with a cooler full of half melted jello shooters and a bunch of beer.

The concert itself was pretty good. A Buffet concert is always fun.... but the lawn is getting to be a little too rough for me. Being run into by drunks, avoiding having beer spilled on me and having to explain to my little sister that the "itchy smell" in her nose is the pot the guy behind us is smoking..not that fun. The high point was a couple of drunks fighting over a folding chair.....they were knocking people down like a bowling ball. V, my littlest sister, loves to do 'Fins' and does so with gusto.... its one of the only songs she knows all the words to.

The cop is pushing the "lets go to the shows in Vegas in October and we can get married while we are out there" not sure how I feel about the Vegas thing. Will have to think about it. I guess I still have the beach thing stuck in my mind.

So we spent a few days in DC after the concert doing the tourist thing. The cop has only been there once before. We saw the National Law Enforcement Memorial, which brought tears to my eyes. The cop has a friend on the wall... and I have taken care of several of them in the trauma room. It is a truly humbling site. I was pretty pissed at the "underprivileged kids group" using the memorial to play tag and climbing all over it.

So we did the museum thing, saw Lance's bike, the flag from the Pentagon and the Star Spangled Banner, the Hope diamond and the Capitol. Let me just say, tourists are assholes. I had families pushing past me to see things and the lines were insane. The cop managed to get into all of the museums with his gun.... every single security office asked "are you armed?" when he stopped and showed his badge and ID. Ummm... if he wasn't why the hell would he stop moron????

We were at the American History Museum and I overheard a child say "Mom, who is Mister Rogers?" God I feel old.

So saw everything we could stomach, but not even close to everything we wanted to see. I think we're going to go back when school is in and its a little cooler. I think the best part of the DC trip was standing in front of the White House watching the hundreds of tourists fighting for space to take pictures. We heard a loud CLICK and then the sprinklers deployed and sprayed all of them!!!

So home again.... off for a couple more days. I might try to put some pictured from the trip on here, but am hopelessly bad at computer stuff. Thats why I don't have links to other blogs or any of that cool stuff here.... I have NO CLUE how to work it. The cop has a degree in computer something or another.... maybe he can figure it out!


Blogger wil said...

If you need help with downloading pics or adding links, just e-mail me and I will walk you through the process, step by step.

Just use the e-mail link at my blog to contact me.

Thats what friends are for.

1:08 PM  
Blogger DC Cab Rider said...

And just think, some of us live with those tourists 24/7. They can be annoying (especially when you're trying to get someplace on the metro and they're reading the directions or standing on the escalator), but it's good sometimes to remind myself that I live in a place that folks travel from far and wide to visit.

And that's kinda cool. Because I often forget it.

5:30 PM  

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