Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Have been off for a week now. Never get used to being off... sleep/wake schedule is still WAY off. So I woke up at midnight tonight wondering where the hell I was!

Memories are great, but some of these stories are priceless....

Teenager with crack up his ass, refused to give it up at lockup. The doc put KY on a speculum (think Ob/Gyn exam) shoved that bad boy up his butt and cranked it open. Pulled the crack out with a pair of forceps.

Me as a new grad, patient my age, 3am, chief complaint "I wack off too much."

Me (again as a new grad... that was a long year) delivering a baby in the front seat of a Bronco in the ER drive.

Starting CPR on a nursing home patient only to find out that the family had made him a DNR years ago. The nursing home hadn't recorded it correctly.

Hearing the chaplain curse for the first time. (the resident told the family dad was alive, when he was really dead on the side of the road)

Going to the roof when the eye of a hurricaine passed over.

Christmas Eve my second year there doing a blood draw for an older man in a tux and a cute officer. (first time the cop and I met)

Coding a frequent flyer and having the whole ER come watch just to see "if its really her"

Being chased by a psych patient

Taking 30-grand and a loaded .22 off of a 75 year old granny with dementia

Taking care of a dying co-worker (also as a new grad)

Changing scrubs in the trauma room. (covered in blood, too busy to go change...hey I was behind a curtain)


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