Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Suck

Apparently, the medics are pissed that I'm not going to be in the department after the end of the month (full time anyway). I have been told that I suck from each and every one. Oh well.. they all understand why.

Last night we had some sick sick peeps. House fire burned a lady up. 3rd degree on 75% of her body. Burns are nasty and the scent lingers forever. You always know when we've had a big burn. There was a GSW that they cracked.... he died. I had a young kid (20) hit a tree and give himself a bleed, skull fx, aortic injury, liver and spleen fractures, kidney lac and femur fracture. He had so much blood in his belly they don't know if he is going to live.

Gonna take a nap and pack up for Buffett. We're going up tonight and playing in DC for a few days after the concert. Am pissed at the fam-damily right now though. I got the tickets, bought all kinds of fun stuff to eat/drink, have decorations etc.... the sister won't chip the $$$$ in, and mom has the only dogsitter that Maddux won't bite (other than my family) coming to her house to take care of her two dogs. Unfortunately, she doesn't want Maddux to be there too... not sure why though. So am desperately trying to find a solution here.

After all of the things that I try to do to help my family I'm starting to feel like they are taking and giving nothing in return. Don't want to ruin the trip, but (as the cop said) I'm about to say 'you guys figure it out your damn self' and just going about my time at the concert. GRRRRR..... I'm going to sleep and hope things work themselves out as I snooze.


Blogger june in florida said...

They say you can only pick your friends, you get stuck with whatever family the fates give you.Have a great time at the concert. Have been reading you for a couple of weeks and am enjoying it very much.

6:41 PM  
Blogger HypnoKitten said...

I put a link up to you at Mediblogopathy. Feel free to pick up a NurseBlogs logo badge if you'd like.

I like your blog! I look forward to reading more in the future. Also a Jeepgirl! ;)

2:06 AM  

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