Friday, February 16, 2007

The List

I must preface this post with the following:
I know that the cop reads this on a pretty regular basis. Honey, you know I love you and this is just for "entertainment purposes." Also because I have nothing interesting to say about my night in the ICU. I dumped pee every hour.. fun.

As a throw back to one of my favorite episodes of 'Friends' and a cell phone commercial, I must discuss my list... or (as the commercial says) "who is in my 5."
For those who are not familiar with the episode of 'Friends' I believe it goes something like this. The guys have lists of 5 women who, if given the opportunity, they would be allowed to sleep with without their significant other either finding out or being mad (not sure which). For purposes of a more innocent and fun take on this I will just say these are the top 5 that make my knees weak. Please comment and let me know yours, male or female. (or make fun of mine... I don't care!)
These are in no particular order....

This is the guy from 'CSI New York.' I've also seen him in 'Miracle' and an episode of 'Sex and the City.'

George Clooney.... He's like black tuxedo. Classic.

Josh Turner. Country Singer... deep voice, nice smile.

Carl Edwards. He's a race car driver. Does backflips....nice smile here too.

John Cena. Didn't really know who he was until my patient made me watch "wraslin'" with him last night. Again with the smile.... are we detecting a pattern here?

My alternates, and the guys who have "aged out" (looked good at one point but are not what they once were)
Harrison Ford
Sean Connery
Javier Lopez (baseball player)
Brad Paisley
Can't think of the others now... brain is turning to mush. Will keep thinking!!!
Had a great Valentine's Day, by the way. We were still on "night" time. So dinner, wine, movie were at 2am.


Blogger Paradise Driver said...

Tell "the cop" that just because you're fat, doesn't mean you can't enjoy reading the menu.

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