Tuesday, June 24, 2008


One of the pilots gave me the creeping crud. We were flying with wondermedic and the pilot had the hacking cough and a sore throat. I flew feeling crappy last weekend. NOT a good idea. My ears were hurting and flying to altitude didn't help, my ears weren't popping.

Of course I get this shit right before I have 4 days off from the busy base. The cop cancelled the cable (it was expensive... plus we only have 1 TV anyway)so I have spent the past 2 1/2 days watching movies and playing on the computer. I'm determined to be better by tonight since we have dinner reservations.

I was actually offered a "long term transfer" of almost a year and a half to the busy base. My answer, "no thank you very much." The drive alone is killing me, plus its not my community that I'm helping and while the crews up there are nice, its not the same. Our shift starts at 7am. Throughout my nursing career I learned that you don't get there AT 7am/pm or whenever your shift starts. You get there early, that way the person you are relieving can go home on time. Its a courtesy that (you hope) is returned. This is even more important when you fly since a 645 flight can ruin the rest of your day. You may not get home until noon depending on how far you have to go. At my base we generally get there about 45 minutes early, but we don't get a ton of flights, so the chances of getting"stuck" are not that great. At the busy base, I still show up early. Its a combination of that same theory, plus the fact that I drive two hours to get there and don't want to get stuck in traffic. The rest of the crew shows up at 7, or as late as 720... pretty much whenever they feel like it. So the chances of getting fucked over with a late flight are pretty good. I am waiting to be up, packed and ready to head home and to get stuck going on a flight (possibly out of state... since we get those from time to time). Trust me..... I may not be welcome back after I comment on that situation.

My (home) base flew a 4 year old with 85% 2-3rd degree burns the other morning. What the hell she was doing at 4am with a lighter and gasoline in a bedroom we may never know. The medics who flew her said it was not a pretty scene.


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