Saturday, July 26, 2008

The South Pole

I think I have regressed to penguin mode again. All the other crews seem to be flying their butts off.... and I stay at the base, cook gourmet dinners for the crew and push paper for our CAMTS inspection. (CAMTS=JCAHO in flight world) One of the crews even got to work a trauma code following an MVC.... as soon as fire pulled him out of the car he coded, he was talking the entire time he was in the car (thats always a bit freaky). So they tubed him, darted both sides of his chest, drilled both legs with IO (iv's in the bone) and did CPR. They even did a pericardio, which my partner so eloquently said "I'd give my left nut to do one of those."

Am trying to stay positive.I even picked up a princess shift in the ED tonight. Maybe I can get a little action in there. It is July... so there has to be a resident out there determined to kill someone!!!


Blogger Keith, RN said...

I wonder if your partner truly would donate such a personal item to do a pericardio! Hmmm. I sure wouldn't.

Anyway, I discovered your blog through a link on Mediblogpathy. Consider yourself blogrolled on my blog as well as on NurseLinkup.

I'll try to stop in again!

Good luck finding that resident!

12:01 PM  

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