Monday, July 21, 2008


I didn't get to mention the high point of my time at the busy base. Over all the cities that we could be near, there is one... the big one that you can't "just fly over." You have to be cleared by homeland security and tracked within an inch of your lives by air traffic control (ATC). The only way to get through the limitations is to scud run (under 200 feet) over the most powerful city in the US, avoiding the airports, military aircraft and not flying over monuments in the process. 3 days before the 4th I had this privilege..... and I will never forget the view that I had. A view that a handful in the world are allowed. I have such a cool job!

The pace has picked up. We have been flying...its like a microwave oven up there. I feel bad for the patients until we get the AC rolling. The heat index today is going to be 105 degrees....I think I'm gonna smell like fried chicken by the time this summer is over!!!!! Theres been quite a bit of trauma to go around. I'm the only one who has not gotten an intubation this month. I have a feeling my time is coming as people have been sick as shit. We are working on permanent partners, and my medic has assured me that the next airway intubation or cric) is all mine. He is the photographer of the crew, so if there are good pictures I will post them.


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