Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Show!

I feel like I am starting to find my stride as a flight nurse. I don't feel like I have four thumbs and two heads (that frequently bump into stuff!). The "flow" is starting to work itself out. I don't have any super interesting flights to mention... but I have definitely seen some beautiful parts of the state. I couple of weeks ago (not long before the DNC) we did a flight from southern Va to Norfolk, Va. It was that beautiful time of day where you are going from night to early morning and watching the sun rise over the Chesapeake Bay. We stopped to get fuel at the executive airport.... you never know who you will see at these places. During race week you see driver's private planes, the governor flies in a helicopter out of one too.... so when we landed and there was a 737 on the tarmac, it was no big deal. I looked a little closer and saw something a little interesting.....

Yes, it was Barrack Obama's plane. I was maybe 100 yards away, and there were black secret service SUV's all over the place. Let me say that I do not want to start any political debates here. The point is, my job has given me so many opportunities and this was another really really cool one.

So am on my five day break.... we road tripped to Charlotte to watch the Va Tech opener vs ECU. We went with a co-worker of the cop's (another cop) and his wife. They are, unfortunately, having some marital discord. You haven't lived until you have ridden 5 hours with a couple who are not getting along. It didn't help matters that it was 90+ out and Tech was playing like (pardon the expression) a monkey FUCKING a football. They lost in the fourth quarter due to a shitty defense and a quarterback that lost his shit about 10 minutes in. It was embarrassing. The saddest part??? I missed Buffett show to be there. He is actually playing the "Labor Day Weekend Show" tonight. We had several opportunities to get tickets and I passed. Too expensive for us right now! So I will have a Corona and listen to on the deck tonight. Its weird, with Gustav making landfall over Labor Day. The last time there was a hurricane and a Labor Day Buffett Show the cop and I were in Chicago and got engaged. That was....... 3 years ago at Wrigley Field. Maybe we should raise a glass for that tonight too!!!!


Blogger GingerJar said...

Well, more fun will be had on the deck w/margaritaville playing than in a car with marital discord.....

Hope your days off are good. I have two in a row and plan on digging a flower-bed...or convincing my better half to dig, haul dirt, drag around flower pots and lava rock...then announce what a bang-up landscaper I am...LOL. He has a pony-tail palm that is looking for a permanent home.

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