Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Merry Christmas friends. I was off the 23 and 24 and (naturally) my back started to ache yesterday morning. I'm not one to take more than motrin and tylenol, but this was bad. I had to break into the percocet and skelexin. Even THAT didn't do it. I'm not one to show up at the ED for "back pain" but the thought definitely crossed my mind. I would have let them shoot me in the ass just so I could get through Christmas Eve with the family at my house.

My sisters and their boyfriends and my mom came over for food, wine etc. It was wonderful. Its interesting hearing my mom's take on Christmas these days. She has said that she is so happy to now have adult children. I think she is finally able to relax and enjoy the holiday. Even my in-laws came by this year while they were out looking at lights. We only give 1 present Christmas Eve... which is new pajamas so we all look good in the Christmas pictures the next morning. The cop and I exchange presents after the family all leaves.

I must say that he exceeded my expectations this year. I was genuinely surprised... and blown away with some of the things he chose. I hope his Christmas is just as good. We are slowly waking up to go to my sister's for breakfast, then mom's for presents. Last year my sister "forgot" breakfast and had to get breakfast shit at 5am at the all night convenience store. Nothing like WaWa bacon and old doughnuts!

I hope my friends with children are enjoying their morning and didn't have to get up to early!


Blogger GingerJar said...

Have you ever noticed the only time we actually "feel" sick is on our days off? I think we just ignor all the symptoms leading up to a real we can work, then i8t takes two or three days to recover from the shift. Hope you are feeling better. Merry Christmas...Happy New Year~!

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