Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Back to the Grind

Haven't been sleeping well. Working all the time. What else is new?

Darwin Award Nominee shot himself with a shotgun. Instead of hitting the left chest (where he aimed) he blew out his axilla. Through and through had me pulling pieces and parts out of the hols as well as the wad that the pellets were in. There was blood everywhere.... poor flight crew needed a shop vac to clean the aircraft.

The male nurse that killed that sweet old lady is now cleared in the trauma room. Someone who cannot prioritize a simple 4 patient zone should not be in the trauma room with the sickest, craziest and most unstable patients. Who makes these freakin decisions?


Blogger katy krottinger said...

Who does make these ridiculous staffing decisions? Do they even take into account the ratio of experience and talent to lack there of? These are some of the most overlooked and undervalued problems in hospitals today. There is a research team in Texas that is looking into this using Institutional Ethnography. We're interviewing nurses just like you need better understand how and why such problems arise. To learn more about it please visit our blog at

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