Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad 'Tern/Good Trauma

When things go well it really is beautiful. I love having a really good team and a really sick trauma. Unfortunately, there is a new trauma intern who is trying to make my life miserable. All surgical interns (no matter what specialty... ortho, ENT, plastics etc) have to do different rotations through their first year out of med school. This dickweed is an ENT that had to spend a month in the ER back in the fall. He and I have already gone toe to toe on more than one occasion so I was unthrilled to see that he is the new 'tern.

When our traumas are worked up they get a trauma assessment by the resident (the 'tern is an assistant), labs, x-rays and then they go to the CT scanner. If it is a stable patient then they go to CT with the 'tern and a medic (our medics go for airway and monitoring). The 'tern can't really DO anything, because if something goes wrong either myself or the REAL doc will come fix/help the medic. So this patient is fixin' to go to CT and as the medic rolls out the 'tern is playing on the computer with no obvious intention of getting up. When I asked if he was going his response was... "thats the medic's job, isn't it?" Oh boy.... lets NOT go there with me. (er medics are treated like shit by most everyone... and it pisses me off. they work really hard and have more experience than the interns that they babysit). I told Mr 'Tern that no, in fact, he has to go. When he started to argue I told him No, No, you really are going to go over there. So you'd better catch up or I will be paging the chief. (the evil ER bitch was comin out). He rolled his eyes but he went.

Grrr..... it was on like fuckin' donkey king after that. He didn't say a WORD or write an order without someone looking over his shoulder. This month is gonna suck!

The highlight was ANOTHER self-inflicted GSW to the chest (what the hell?) that was flown in. The team worked well, got blood in quickly and were bustin ass for over 2 hours to get this guy stablized to go to the ICU vs OR. Blood, FFP, chest tube and a bronch later he was still unstable. He went to the OR and last I heard is doing well. It was SO quiet in that room during his resuscitation.. I was loving it. The chief, who I had threatened to page earlier, used to be a paramedic so she has a very calming presence. We also happen to get along great because her girlfriend was my preceptor when I was a new grad. Most of my strength in trauma comes from her. I even got a compliment from the trauma attending after the case. (I best the 'tern was hating life then!)

What can I say... I love a good trauma!


Blogger mojitogirl said...

Ahhhhh........a good trauma! Gotta love it. (at this point I'll take ANY trauma) But let me live vicariously.

8:59 AM  
Blogger mojitogirl said...

Re: Fantasy Fest. That's their busy season. You can probably do that if you connect with the right people. I can connect you to the right people, especially since I'm back at Key West doing PRN and they seem to be perennially short. Send me an email so I can write back and give you some names and numbers.

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