Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Its been a long time since I was this tired when I got home. We weren't that busy last night. I shouldn't really feel like this. My friend said that my circadian rhythm is fucked up. Ummmm.. no shit it is!! Thats what we love about the night shift, isn't it?

Weird shit last night. I went to the trauma room to get a blanket for the most needy, neurotic patient in the world (more on her later). Patient in bed 1 was status post motorcycle accident. He had his aspen collar on and was steady wacking off under the covers.... all the while having a conversation with the patient in he bed next door. Ewww!!!!

The neurotic lady... good god! She had afib with RVR, a recent stroke and (oh yeah) agoraphobia. She has flat out panic attacks when she goes down the stairs in her home. After 5 minutes she called because she wanted me to know that "I don't like to be left alone." She seriously wanted me to stay in her room and hold her hand! Ugh... I know there are nurses out there that can do that, but at 7pm, right after shift change when there are over 85 patients in he emergency department... I don't fuckin think so! Fortunately, she got a bed pretty quickly and became someone else's problem.

Was in a patient's room doing their assessment when I heard a voice yell "I NEED SOME HELP!" I wasn't the typical patient screaming, so I went to investigate. Nurses were running down the hall to the patient bathroom where a (very) large woman was being pulled out in a wheelchair seizing like a motherfucker. (She was being seen for arm pain) Even though I'm not a big person, I always go help. We got her out of the chair, onto the floor. When they went to lift her there wasn't much I could do. Afterwards one of the medics actually old me that I didn't want to be getting involved in stuff like that 'cause I was too little. I know it wasn't meant as a bog deal, but the statement itself bothered me

And finally, nothing like delivering a 17 weeker just prior to shift change. Mom was 19, diagnoses with chlamydia 3 days ago and now with vag pain and spotting. The baby was alive when it came out, but died pretty quickly. 8.5 oz baby boy. Its amazing what we deal with on a day to day basis. From masturbating traumas to dead babies.... this place is fucking surreal.


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