Monday, June 22, 2009

Found Out

It is not a full moon. I made a point of checking last night. Where the crazy fuckers are coming from... I couldn't even begin to explain. Not necessarily psych patients, but the run on the mill public gone wild. Someone explain to me what the hell is up with young guys punching stuff. Seriously, you get mad... and you hit something that is going to totally fuck you up, but you do it anyway. Lockers, brick walls, cars... you name it. I don't want to be a advocate for violence, but doesn't it feel better to hit something that you actually hurt? Smart boy last night decided to punch and elbow a plate glass window. (hasn't this been covered in episodes 1, 2 and 10 of this blog?!?!) So he shows up drunk as fuck (obviously!) with a laceration to the left wrist through the vessels, ligaments and nerves bleeding like fuck everywhere, he also had a lac to the bone on his right elbow that, fortunately, wasn't bleeding as badly. 5 hours, 200 of fentanyl, 2 of ativan and 8 of zofran (yes he was a puker) he finally had a decent bp and was not bleeding everywhere. His excuse... "I was mad and I'm a fucking retard." No arguments here buddy.

I actually got another patient banned from the hospital the other day. Why does that feel like a great accomplishment? Dude came from the Marriott and had been in some kind of fight. He had a tiny laceration that might need about 3 stitches but was convinced that he was bleeding to death. When I didn't jump to he became violent... beating on the desk and threatening to fuck me up. Our "security" was a huge help. They called the police for me! The officers hauled his ass out and had him in handcuffs pretty fast. Our clinical coordinator aka "fearless leader" banned him from the grounds and all was right with the world again.

So, question... I have kept this blog pretty quiet. The cop knows about it.... mom knows it exists and that's about it. What happens if I get found out? If someone I know finds and reads... then figures out who I am? I find myself worrying what that person will think about what I have to say and if I am really as crazy as I come across here. Ugh.... no pressure now!


Blogger battynurse said...

We should have a stamp to stamp charts "instant dumbass just add alcohol". I think it's the heat and alcohol that brings the idiots out.
I have to say that I always crack up when I read your blog and descriptions of your patients (I finally realized I should add you to my reader so I can keep up)but the thought of posting stuff like that myself worried me about HIPPA stuff and just people generally coming across it and reading about themselves or something. With that in mind I just took my work blog (which I still don't post at a lot) password protect and therefore sort of "know" who reads.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I agree, your stories are so much like mine....I always worried about posting things on here, so I haven't...check with HIPPA if you are worried. I love reading your blog, makes me feel like I am not alone in the world of ER Hell.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Current ER Tech/Future ER Nurse said...

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11:39 PM  
Blogger Cartoon Characters said...

in the USA you probably are pretty safe. A lot of the same stuff goes on everywhere and from the sound of your stories...pretty generic - even if you have a lot of detail. For instance, there was one description that sounded like the EXACT same patient I had...but there is no way in hell it is....because I think we are almost a whole continent apart. I have concerns about my blog - but I live in a country with a smaller population and everyone knows one point i deleted my entire blog but I have since restored it...but extensively laundered. I do have a "small world story" included...pretty scary to think someone may recognize....

4:23 AM  

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