Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bullshit Flag

I am going to get a red piece of parachute silk, write BULLSHIT in sharpie on it and tie a rock to one end. That way when I throw said Bullshit Flag it will flutter before hitting the ground.

A few things that warrant the Bullshit Flag....

*The city medic who has insurance puting her children on medicare "cuz its cheaper"

*The woman who comes in with tooth pain at 2am, via ambulance, with 3 young children in tow. Oh, and she needs a medicare cab home too

*Having the trauma intern (aka I've been a real Dr for about 2 months) giving me orders in the trauma room

*Trauma nurse saying she didn't check the airway carts because thats the medic's job (wtf?!?)

*Mandatory hospital-wide class 4 hours one evening smack in the middle of my days off

*Hospital security sleeping at the desk

*Working hard, paying bills on time and watching people travel, shop and otherwise have a fabulous time (maybe not having to work OT) and not knowing how the FUCK they do it

*Applying for a dream job over and over. Fighting politics and other bullshit just to have them hire someone else, or raise their standards every single time. As soon as you meet them the bar gets higher



Blogger Doctor D said...

I remember being that resident. Residents have to give orders because it is what is expected of them. It's their job. Most sensible residents know they don't know more than experienced nurses at that stage.

Heck, I've been practicing a while and nurses still sometimes have to set me straight.

6:53 PM  
Blogger battynurse said...

See and I hated it when I was a new grad and the doc would say what should I do or what do you want me to do. I want you to be the freaking doctor! Now I'm happy with residents who give me what I want.
One of our ED nurses was telling us how a patient had been in the waiting room for many hours and wanted to be seen sooner so she went home and called 911 and was delivered by ambulance right back to the crowded waiting room only back at the end of the line. Understandably upset.

10:53 PM  

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