Monday, August 10, 2009


The last two nights have been painful... physically and mentally. I get home, kick off the danskos and wait for the feeling to return to my feet.

Saturday night... the trauma room was empty when I got there. I walked in, threw on my shoe covers and the trauma light went off. Go fuckin figure.... 12 traumas later I staggered...almost literally... the hell out. I was also livid that the.... bitch (I almost used the really bad word) that was coming in wanted me to stay late and stock the room with her.

*** drunk parents driving home from the beach with 2 children in the back. the parents get into a physical fight and drive off the road into a tree. no dui charge, but we called cps

***i got threatened with an assault charge by a drunk bastard. I wouldn't let him sit up and leave. the trooper got him settled down.

***GSW to the head.... .22 we think. dude was, of course, minding his own business

***24 year old dove into the shallow end. C4 fracture with nothing below the nipple line. he vomited and aspirated in MRI. intubated yesterday. nice kid, nice family. very very sad.


I tiptoed into the trauma room and the light started going off. the first 2 hours were hell on wheels. I told the communications room that all 3 of their traumas were not coming in the room because there was only 1 bed. That stupid fuck actually wanted me to check with the attending first. Sure, because if he said so I would LOVE to put all 3 in 1 bed!

*** 20 year old mvc with a fracture/dislocation of the hip. we did conscious sedation to pull that thing into place. I was pulling from the shoulders up while 2 guys held the hips, 2 pulled on the leg and the attending gave propofol. 20 minutes later my arms were screaming for a break and the hip still wasn't in. 150% of my weight pulling against these dudes... 300mg of propofol and we were still fighting.

***I also had to help restrain a dude who was either post-ictal or high as fuck. He broke the regular restraints and go put in the "big boy" restraints.

Finally.... the drama. Of course there is drama, its a hospital. Lately it has seemed a bit more like General Hospital versus Trauma: Life in the ER. There are some things that I wish I didn't have to hear about..... and there are times when I want to scream "NO DON'T DO IT!!!" Grrrr..... Sorry the last part is so vague... just need to vent a touch!


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Sounds ugly. Hope you have a couple of days off soon.

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