Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sitting in triagony the other night. Not sure where the sense of entitlement comes from these days. We were busy as hell. Sick patients, transfers, traumas is addition to all the other associated bullshit. If you have flu-like symptoms, want a work note or just have a headache and are out of Percocet you really, REALLY aren't getting in before the wheezer that can't talk, the walk-in stab wound to the chest or the seizing head bleed. I had more people up in my face screaming about the wait time and that "people that walking in after me are getting seen first." (see also: the WALK-IN stab to the chest)

I have mentioned the intellectual Olympians known as our hospital security (not police). Again sitting in the penalty box when a young lady walks in with a box marked "Perishable" with biohazard tape. She stopped at security and asked how to get to the OR. (anyone getting the drift here?) He told her that she would have to go back out of the ER, down to another building and through the ass-backward way to another security checkpoint and waiting room. Absolutely not! This chick goes straight up! There is a patient prepped, tubed and (probably) open waiting on this kidney that has already been out of the previous owner for at least 3 hours. (She just arrived from another big teaching center about 3 hours away)I walked her up to main control myself and the kidney-bean got where it needed to go. This fucker seriously cares more about me texting at the desk than getting a fucking organ where it needs to go on time. Yup, I wrote it up!

Am trying to get a proposal to one of the state EMS conventions. I want to do a neuro lecture about traumatic brain injury and pre-hospital treatment. With my neuro, ems and flight background, plus the fact that I have lectured before you would think it would be a slam dunk, right? Negative. One of my coordinators is on the committee and he was giving me a hard time.

• have you lectured before? we don't want anyone cutting their teeth here
• do you really think you can lecture for 90 MINUTES?!?! (my normal lecture is 4 hours)
• have people actually heard you speak? who was it?
• do you think you could have a proposal ready in time? (told him my whole 4 hour lecture was at home on the computer.... could email it the same day)

whatever.... I'm qualified, organized and am a pretty decent teacher. I gave him my proposal, but I'm going to email it to someone else on the committee as well. Ugh... we will see. There is no monetary reimbursement, but it would be one hell of a resume builder.


Blogger battynurse said...

The entitlement is everywhere. I had one girl bitching about how medi-cal wouldn't buy her hearing aids when she had failed the hearing tests. Yet I didn't need to speak loudly or anything and she seemed to be hearing me fine.
Good luck with the proposal. It sounds like a great opportunity.

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