Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hot Now

Last night was exactly what we anticipated. Fucking insane all night long. I had a great group walking the green mile, but some nights even a great group can only take you so far. There were some superfreaks out and about. I didn't get to see any "real" costumes, but I still wonder about what people were wearing when they left the house last night.

Sad case, college level math professor from somewhere in Africa found wandering. No idea who he was or where he was. CT scan showed a BIG head bleed. He was still awake, but squirrely as hell. We were, of course, too short on security and extra staff to have someone watch him, so we all basically did a drive-by of his room whenever we could. Ditto with the drunk that fell at 3pm and bonked his head. He was still metabolizing to freedom 13 hours later. Lots and lots of drunk bastards last night. Some more functional than others.

Trauma, on the other hand was wide slam open with MVC's and GSW's. Some dumb fool pulled a gun on three other dudes. He got off a round or two before the other guys lit his ass up. 4 total GSW's in a span of 15 minutes in addition to the multiple accidents that were coming in. I ended up pulling multiple patients out of the trauma room back to the green mile just to make room. Oh, and of course all of this happened when the computer was down.

My all-time favorite Halloween patient.... 29 years old, found down in an alley. Combative as hell. He came in proned out, handcuffed and strapped down all the while flicking us off. If Criss Angel and the guy from The Crow had a psychotic child then this would be him. Black stringy hair, crazy black eyeliner, tattoos and fake blood all over him. When he pancake flipped him he arched up off the bed, head back and screamed "I'm going to kill you all!" I looked up and said... "Holy Shit, it’s the Devil!"

Had an unrestrained female hit some guy head on. She was pregnant and until we unstrapped her she was normal. When we logrolled her she went apeshit and grabbed my male nurse by the cahones. It was not a pretty picture.

I figured that since we all worked that extra hour we deserved a well earned break. The CC knew I was going to the "bathroom" as I drove through the monsoon to get hot. fresh doughnuts and coffee for the department. It was just what we needed to make it through that last hour. So am glad to be home, dry and happy.

FYI: I am NOT doing this SHIT next year!


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Yikes. Sounds awful. Glad you made it through.

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