Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Running Away...

...is ALWAYS a good thing!

Spent the weekend with the cop at a little inn at the beach. Its a bit of a drive, but worth it when you get there. We had a soundfront room, jacuzzi and fireplace. Sooo... relaxing. This time of year there are very few people there too, so that was also nice. It was in the high 70's so we took the top off and drove all over. Water was too cold so swim though! (unless you wanted to freeze your nuts off!) Being as busy as we have, it was nice to just get away.

Was back in the Er for a princess last night. (princess= 4 hour shift) We were on diversion, which means no ambulances except for traumas. We don't get to turn away traumas. No beds in the house and patients hanging from every spot you can think of. Plus, they "upgraded" our computer system. "Upgrade" in hospital speak means completely fuck up so bad that nobody (even IT) can make sense of it. So they declared an internal disaster. All the management showed up. This is why I don't work days. Management could fuck up a wet dream. One of the nurse managers took an intubated patient up to the wrong ICU! HAHAHAHA!!!

Was glad to get out of there, even though I was ;ate getting out. Rollover MVA at 2245 with 3 patients in addition to the crazy bitch that tried to commit suicide and damn near cut her arm off! I can't complain. At least she made a decent effort to end it... didn't just scratch with a dull knife!

Tell me this.... 28 year old, racing a new mustang with two17 year olds in the back. His girlfriend just gave birth to a little girl 3 weeks ago. The teenage girls both had condoms in their pockets and ... the grass was mowed. What do you think was going on?!?!?!? As one of the nurses said so tactfully... "you don't mow the grass unless someone is coming over to eat". Ummm.... I must agree. God people are stupid. They must think we are too, cause the dumbass stories always continue!


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