Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen I am worn the fuck out! Finished about a million shifts in a row, get one day off and then back again. Am running away to the beach on Friday with the cop. That will be a nice break.

We have a kid in the unit now that we are waiting to delcare brain dead. He is 16 and was an unrestrained passenger in a car that was T-boned on his side. Traumatic brain injury. Mom and dad are both medical folks (RN and resp therapy) and are such nice people. They know what is going on and that this is it for him. They want us to do everything we can to allow him to donate his organs. I cannot say how generous that is. Kids like this make great donors because they are still young enough to have great healthy bodies and they help so many people. I can't say enough about this family either..... I don't even have the words.

Teenage classmates of both this kid and another who was in the car (she has a bleed, but will be ok) keep trooping through to see him. I see them crying and hugging each other. Yesterday one of the nurses asked (in the lounge, far far away from the bedside) Do they know this is from not wearing a seatbelt? Or do they just see their sick friend and not realize that this could be prevented? Its sad the whole way around. Wear seatbelts kids..... I can't say that enough.

Of all the traumas we have in the unit right now only 1 was wearing his. He was the only one hurt in his accident.... and that was because of where the car struck the tree. If he hadn't had a seatbelt he would be dead. His dad and brother visit every single day. They say hi to all the staff and shake people's hands. How classy is that?

Its cold as crap and rainy here. If I didn't have to meet a friend for dinner then my ass would still be in bed.


Blogger Val said...

COuldn't have said it better myself....the only reason my brother IS alive right now is because he wore his seatbelt in an blog is about his accident!

3:50 PM  
Blogger JLeonard said...

Jeep,I am a Trauma Nurse from THE MED here in Memphis, TN. Have had the very same feelings as you. Amazing how so many folks don't wear seatbelts.

9:53 AM  

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