Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good Stuff

I have a new toy! After the old laptop shot sparks out of the back I figured it was time to upgrade. I hopped on Dell's website, gave the cop his price limit and away we went. A week later, BAM here we go. I love this thing!!! So I hope to post a bit more frequently.

I have a new little boyfriend at work. This guy is 26, has CP (cerebal palsy) spina bifida and had a hypoxic brain injury when he was 11 weeks old. He weighs about 37lbs, is contracted (kinda bent all up) and has the mental capacity of 6months to a year old. He had to have surgery on a shunt in his brain that became infected and has been in the ICU for about a week. Some of the nurses are really opposed to taking care of him because he freaks them out with his size and what he looks like. His eyes are always open and "bugging out" and they move back and forth really fast. Yes, he looks a bit freakish.... but he's as sweet as they come. He doesn't talk, but he cries when he is upset and will giggle occasionally when you talk silly to him.

So thats my boy, I love him to death. The way I see it, he is as innocent as they come and you can't help but love him. Mom and dad are still together and haven't left the hospital. There is ALWAYS someone with him and they have helped with his care everyday. Nice country people.

I'm starting a critical care nurse review course today. 10 weeks of intense crap. Lurch is going to be in there too, ugh. But I will deal with it. Otherwise I am off for a few days and will be back in the ER this weekend. Its starting to warm up (finally) and it smells like spring outside. I love it.


Blogger Izzy said...

Who's lurch?

9:27 AM  
Blogger jeepgirl said...

Hey Iz... Lurch is a nurse that I work with who wants to fly as well. He followed me up to the ICU and likes to tell me what to do.. doesn't really give me the "warm and fuzzies" if ya know what I mean!

11:18 AM  

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