Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Update on my kid from the other night. He donated the following night. They got both kidneys and his liver. I know in the wake of that plane crash I should be worried, but our organs seem to stay on the east coast.

Am feeling some serious writer's block here. Tired, but not ready for bed. Stuff to do, but honestly am feeling a bit lazy. Daytime (morning) television sucks and I am not up to watching Regis and that blonde girl.

So I am going to take a page from Wil at Paradise Driver ( and throw up some pictures from our trip to Key West.

Putting the sun to bed.

Fort Jefferson from the air

This is the seaplane we took to Fort Jefferson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short girl, you need to get back to writing soon. Good luck on the test coming up. You know I will always have faith in you. I love you Babidoll.

2:20 PM  

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